Just a regular trip to Madurai and back.

It was a sunny evening when we left Salem, Tamilnadu, India, with the added privilege of leaving work at 5pm because we had to travel to Madurai that evening on hospital work (which was 270 km away). I picked up Seran our administrator and Jegadeesh, our camp manager, then proceeded home where I waited for my better – half to get ready. In two minutes, the luggage was in the car and ready for the trip.

2 kilometers down the road we stopped for fuel and after that it was pretty much just us and the lone highway. Well not really lone – there were so many trucks and buses that wreaked havoc and hampered a steady speed.

Gunning down the gas pedal, we reached Karur in just 75 minutes from Salem after passing through a toll. I saw a few heads nodding and decided it was time for coffee – Seran agreed to locate a café to which he’d been to previously. As luck would have it,we zipped by the café before he noticed, then had to go back in reverse gear till we had access to the service road.

Due to a tummy prone to ulcer, I preferred to stick to tea while the others had their share of freshly brewed coffee. Then we were back on the road, music on the run, driving at speeds of 100 to 120 kmph.

Two more tolls came by and by the time we reached Madurai, 3 hours had gone by. Dinner at Dominos was awesome. Cheese n Pepperoni had never tasted better!

One day after, the evening saw me and Sanju at Puppy’s Bakery gulping down a German Blackforest cake


and then dinner consisting of scrumptious chicken lollipops and steak at the infamous ‘Rooftop’ at Star Residency washed down with cold drink.

Two days crossed and the Annual Camp Meeting thankfully went uneventfully. It was time to head back to Salem.

Picking up all three, I proceeded to the gas station as usual, and then after that it was just 3 hours of blissful driving. You can cross out he blissful part actually – the traffic made for a lot of lane – switching and overtaking. The only parts of the drive that was awesome were when the ‘Ritz’ took on a Ford SUV and a Toyota Innova and won.

We stopped for dinner at a dubious ‘Punjabi Dhaba’ 2 kilometers away from Karur. The food was in stark contrast to the place and all of us had a wonderful time except for poor Mr. Jegadeesh who fell ill.

In a total time of three and a half hours, we were back in Salem. A long journey was over and I wondered if I was ready to get back to operating and treating patients the next day. Well my friends, one step at a time – one step at a time. Good day to you.


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