An example on overcoming laziness when setting out to the gym – a common experience.

I think all of us fitness freaks have those days of laziness, where we give way to the lazy area of our brains and become a couch potato, making the whole day miserable.

Today’s dialogue with my tired – excuse – generating – brain:
Brain: Don’t you think you worked enough today? Do you have to slog at the gym too?
Me: Hmm.. u think so? I do feel awful.
Brain: Yes, time to go home, sit on that couch and enjoy that cup of tea, with some biscuits.

Me: Sounds good- except, I don’t think I’ll feel fresh after doing that.
(stopping car at intersection and thinking)
Brain: Oh no
Me: OH YES..

Result: A wonderful euphoria at the end of the day with just one hour of cardio. Apply this whenever you feel you are losing to your lazy side. Cheerio.





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