Day 4 – Trade, Friend & Fort (8/2/’14)

Time for mom to depart – after seeing our share of the Trade Center at the conference! Decided to go over there and see if we could spice up our nursinghome in Trichy with one of the ‘goodies’ we saw at the Trade Center in Jaypee Palace, the venue of the conference. Decided to go with a demo of a green – laser apparatus, a fundus camera, a screening tool for the eye’s posterior segment and the non contact tonometer with ‘pachy’ built in.

Soon after, Sanju and I parted ways with mom, and it was now time to meet my old time friend Vetri from school days. He had come over to Agra to see us with his family, and was just across the street, waiting in his car. So away we went, making friends with Saranya – his better half, and their baby Arundhadhi, the cute little heroine dressed up like a doll in pink. We decided to head over to Agra Fort. When we got there, and found a parking spot, Sanju couldn’t help but admire the little doll.



Once we had convinced the badgering guides that we didn’t need their company, we headed to the magnificent archways and gardens, well maintained 



As expected, there were areas made of marble just like the Taj – huge structures carved out of shiny white stone, and others with beautiful architecture carved into it.



There was one particular area that I liked – a place that overlooked the Taj, exuding its beauty and salience through the misty air. The awesome red expanse of a portico with carved ‘windows’ that looked out into the world outside stood out shouting for attention in the still atmosphere.


Pavilions and pillars spoke of the old times, as I pictured kings and soldiers going about with their work in this monument of red and white. Tried to blend in, and be a part of the Agra Fort.



Following our visit to the Agra Fort, we decided it was time to line our tummies with excellent food – and excellent it was, the awesome pizzas at Pizza Hut! We found our way there by GPS, and had a great down downing out pizzas with cold drink. What’s more, the staff decided to put on a good dance for us. Way to go Pizza Hut!


Vetri dropped us off at our hotel, where he was in two minds as to whether to stay over for the night or whether he should go back to Delhi. He finally decided he ought to get back cos of his Badminton game on Sunday morning. We said our goodbyes, feeling great that it was another day well done. Next up – Departure Day.. stick around folks!


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