My progress from stage zero to present, in the 10 k marathon’s time zone target

I was an average athlete in my college days ten years ago. Decided to shift back from bodybuilding into athletics after my appendectomy surgery in August 2013. My friend Patric Antony played a huge role in this, and pretty soon, I was back to running long distances like in the good old days. – the only difference being I was ten kilos heavier! At a good weight of 80 kg with a muscular frame, I had some knee and ankle issues when my body’s joints screamed as I put them to the task of long distance running at steady speeds of 8 to 10 kmph.



When a lucky chance got me in the papers in my first mini 10k marathon run at Rotary Salem 10k Marathon, which I completed in 58 minutes, I was further inspired to pursue higher goals in long – distance – running. 


Then came the Tanjore half marathon, which I faced after several stints with my complaining body at the gym, similar to the picture above. A knee band was placed around my right knee and I had to adjust my running stance from a heel – landing stride to a mid – foot – stance, to tweak and overcome a few tendon & joint related issues encountered during gym practice sessions. Tanjore was a delightful experience, and I completed my first half marathon in 1 hour 58 minutes.


With the knowledge of being able to finish a 21k race within 2 hours, also came the confidence that my body could take a better beating than I had assumed it would. Further eagerness in the quest for speed, led to better rewards at the Mutthu Marathon in January 2014, where I finished the 10 k in 58 minutes despite encountering forceful winds and a few inclines which were absent in my first 10 k marathon in Salem. With me here are Patric on the left and Mohan, on the right.


My latest 21k soon followed at Annur in February 2014, where by God’s grace, despite encountering my most difficult track and inclines yet, I managed to finish in the same 1 hour 58 timing as in Tanjore.



After facing experienced runners, and those who were performing better in spite of being older than I was, I was spurred into accelerating my hopes for a better time zone in the 10k. I translated this into a better finishing time in the 21 k too, and soon, by the end of Feb, my body had shed 11 kilos of fat from August ’13 to September ’14.

The initial time on treadmill for a 10 k was 55 minutes up till December 2013, which I soon brought down drastically.



And THEN, in the next TWO DAYS:


Looks like losing 11 kg of body fat helps in reducing 8 minutes from the time taken to complete a 10 K! My aim with this blog is to tell everyone that whoever you are and whatever you do, nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it.





That’s life for you. Live it up! (My next 11k marathon will be in Madurai, and till then take care, friends)


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